Father’s Day 2006

As a Father’s Day gift to me, Mike and his family took me to see the Tennessee Smokies play the Chattanooga Lookouts at the Smokies stadium in Sevierville, TN. This picture of Mike and Connor, taken by Cheryl, captured a milestone in Connor’s life — the time he first attended a professional baseball game with his dad and his Granddad.

One of my own fondest memories of doing things with my dad and my Granddad was attending the Atlanta Cracker baseball games at Ponce de Leon Park in Atlanta. Ironically, one of the teams that those Crackers used to play regularly was the Chattanooga Lookouts. Both of them were in the old Southern Association.

Sunday’s visit to the Smokies game with all of the Knoxville Nelson clan was hot and a bit too trying on the patience of the young ones, but it was a really nice Father’s Day gift that I appreciated very much. It is one thing to give “things” as gifts, but going to the trouble to spend time with someone doing something THEY enjoy doing, whether you like doing it or not, is in many ways a much more precious gift. So thanks to you, Mike, Cheryl, Madison, Morgan, Kaitlin and Connor for making the sacrifice to do something with me that I enjoy doing. It will be a cherished memory for me for a long time to come.


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