A warning about BingBox

Tom Simpson has done some investigation about this new online community and says …

Keep Your Kids Away From BingBox

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Because I know Tom to be knowledgeable about what is and isn’t safe online, I suggest that you heed his warning.

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2 thoughts on “A warning about BingBox

  1. Jodie

    Im a a member of bingbox ,but i have never had any trouble with the site .I have made quite aloy of friends on the site. There is a few people that spoil it for others such a nude photos and such but all in all i think its a great way for kids to meet people thier own age.

  2. Sarah

    I had a Bingbox account before my mother found out about it. I met alot of people on it true but then again alot of older guys were messaging my page and telling me how Hot I was and how they wanted me to add them to MSN. I did not add all of them. The quite few that I added don’t seem to be that bad. There was this guy though that kept asking to have LIve Web Cam Sex. So I suggest instead of having an account with this, to just have a Nex account,which is alot safer if you ask me.

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