Taking Flock’s photo topbar for a spin

This morning I’ve been experimenting with Flock. For instance, here is one of my experiments.

What this illustrates is that I was able to use Flock’s photo topbar to drag and drop a picture from my son Mike’s Flickr photostream into a message I sent him, using my web-based email account with Gmail.

And now, in making this post, I have also demonstrated that dragging a picture (the one of my experiment) from my own photostream into this Blog post works too. In this case, I’ve added the large size photo rather than a small one such as the one I added to my email message to Mike.

I’m quite impressed with the ease with which both of these operations have been performed.

My only complaint is that the photo appears to have to be placed on a line by itself or the text surrounding it won’t align properly. This quirk may be a function of my lack of understanding, and I plan to explore it more to see if there are ways to handle the flow of text around a photo. If anyone reading this knows the answer to my dilemma, I am more than happy to sit at your knee and learn.

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