Cruise to Alaska — Part I

I am writing this from an Internet cafe in the Denali National Park, an awesome site to visit by the way, and this the first entry I’ve been able to make since the 17th of May because Internet access has been both slow and costly.  Aboard ship, the connection speed was 110 Kbps maximum (about twice the speed of a 56 Kbps modem) and the cost was $0.75 per minute. My itinerary didn’t permit me to locate shore-based Internet access, so I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms for the last week.  Though I have felt out of touch, it is good to take a break from being so constantly on the Internet.  Normal posting will begin again soon, once I have returned to my home and the comfort of my own computing system.  I have taken a large number of pictures (more than 500) and I’ll be posting some of those to Flickr once I’ve been able to go through them and cull the wheat from the chaff.   


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