Before the Glaciers Melt

On Friday of this week, Carole, my ex-wife, and I will leave Atlanta for Vancouver and then embark from there on a cruise up the inward passage to Anchorage, Alaska. This is a trip that Carole decided last year she wanted to take, and she was kind enough to invite me to accompany her. While I’m not looking forward to the travel required to get there, I am looking forward to seeing the scenery before it all melts and to being able to check off one of the last three states that I’ve never visited. Just for the record, the other two are Hawaii and North Dakota. I can envision going to Hawaii, but I’d guess the only reason I’ll ever have occasion to travel to North Dakota is just to complete the circuit of the 50 states.

During the trip, I am hopeful that I’ll be able to gain access to a computer and an Internet connection so that I can blog about the trip while it is taking place and upload the photos to my Flickr site. Although I think I’ll be able to do that, I can’t be sure, so if there is a break in my blogging, that will be the most likely explanation.

There is one other thing I should probably mention to those of you who may comment on any of my blog posts during the next couple of weeks. Please be aware that, since I have moderation turned on for comments on this blog, any comments you make during this time will be delayed in appearing until I’ve gotten to a computer to approve them. That might mean a longer-than-normal delay, since I won’t be sitting in front of the computer all day. Instead I’ll be out seeing the real world for a change. Just be patient. I’ll eventually be able to approve your comment, and it will show up once I have. So my next post may be over the weekend, once I am aboard the ship. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Before the Glaciers Melt

  1. Tom Simpson

    Another reason to travel to North Dakota is so I could buy you a cup of coffee, or something. Just plan to come in the Summer, unless you’d rather come for the experience of 60 below wind chills.

  2. talktoperry Post author

    I may just take you up on that offer Tom, particularly if I reach the point that North Dakota is the lone remaining unvisited state. And if I came, it would definitely be during the summer. I may be foolish, but I’m not that foolish!


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