My son, Jeff, and his wife, Deanna, and my grandson, Dustin, are visiting this weekend from Georgia. Blogging will be light, because they are here to help me do some maintenance and rearranging of my house. I'm looking forward to how things will look after all is said and done. I'll return to my life on the Internet at the beginning of next week. 


2 thoughts on “Reinforcements

  1. Bowen Baxter

    Good morning Perry, The house maintenance help rings a bell. We are going to Hendersonville, TN next week (via our son’s home in Newnan, GA) to attend a grandson’s High School graduation. While there we are planning to participate in their home maintenance projects. I tend to get more involved in other peoples maintenance projects than my own. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Perry Post author

    Yesterday was amazing, Bowen. It’s like a different house. I’ll probably expound on the details in a post of appreciation once they’ve left today. Interestingly, both Jeff and Deanna commented that it was easier to get motivated to straighten out and clean up someone else’s house than it is to undertake the very same activities on your own home.

    I find it hard to believe how much they got accomplished in one very, very long day!


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