More about Google Calendar

Think layers, originally uploaded by CaptQuirk.

Since it was released a few days ago, I've been experimenting with Google Calendar and I've evolved a few "shoulds" about how I want to use it.

For instance as this graphic shows, I believe it is best to put some kinds of information into a separate calendar so that you can turn it on and off as you see fit. Therefore I've created a "Birthdays" calendar that I can share with family members who might also have an interest in the people whose birthdays are listed. I believe that I'll still be reminded about the birthday, even if that calendar isn't displayed (though I'm not sure about that). If so, I can have the benefit of having the information available without the distraction of having to see it displayed all the time.

After having taken that screen shot, I've also searched for a couple of other calendars that are, for me, useful. One is a calendar of US Holidays and another is the schedule for the Atlanta Braves. Since the Braves play almost every day throughout the season, that is one of those calendars that I want at my finger tips but don't want to have to look at it all the time. I can simply uncheck it until I need the information and then check it to refer to the schedule for the next several days. Fortunately, if the calendar is unchecked it doesn't show up in the agenda view so it doesn't clutter that view either.

I was pleased to learn that Google is rolling out a change to Gmail that will incorporate the so-called corner bookmarks so that there'll be links in Gmail to the Calendar. My Gmail account doesn't yet have that feature as I notice is also true for a number of others who posted comments to that blog entry. I suppose it will show up in everyone's Gmail account eventually, but for now, I must wait. That will be a welcomed addition though.

This morning I also saw an entry on a blog that explains how a doctor is making his calendar available to his patients so that they can see when he has free time for an appointment. I'm sure we'll see more creative uses of this tool as time goes on, and I look forward to its evolution.


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