Glitches and upgrades

Sometimes I’ll go for days on end with no entries on this blog, but on Sunday when was down most of the day, its unavailability because of some server glitches created an almost uncontrollable urge in me to post something.  Strange, isn’t it?

However, now that it is back up, it appears the powers that be at have given me some new capabilities. 

For instance, now it is possible to change the header graphic on the blog.  (That’s the picture across the top.)  The picture (titled Wellington City) was taken by a gentleman named Steve Sigley (Sigs66) and he shared his image under a Creative Commons license, which permits me to use it without having to bother him for prior approval.  So even though I don’t know Mr. Sigley, I would like to thank him publicly for permitting me to use that image.

Another Flickrite, Brian Parton (whom I DO know), also granted me permission to use a panorama he took of the Smoky Mountains, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to use that one, since in the upper half of that picture is light colored and the lettering containing the name of my blog is white.  There wasn’t enough contrast between Brian’s photo and the blog title to be able to read the name clearly.  Nonetheless, I appreciate Brian’s willingness to permit me to use his photo even though it didn’t work out.

Gradually is adding more features and more templates from which to choose for blogs, and that pleases me.  Perhaps in time, they will permit me to change the color of the lettering for the title of the blog which would, of course, give me even more flexibility. 


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