“Guitar” on YouTube

First these comments from the New York Times article "Now Playing on YouTube: Web Videos by Everyone"  …

The most beautiful video, by far, is called simply "guitar," and it has drawn, according to YouTube, nearly two million views. (It’s also the No. 2 most-discussed video on the site.) Like the Nike commercial, and the mesmerizing, disturbing "Knife Skills," in which a sullen young woman wields a butterfly knife at high speed, "guitar" is a display of unalloyed physical virtuosity that preempts criticism. After a black screen, the opening bars of Pachelbel’s Canon begin, and title cards identify the piece, adding, "Arranged by JerryC," and "Played by funtwo." Funtwo, presumably, then shows up: he’s a young-looking guy in a T-shirt and a baseball cap that obscures his face. He’s sitting by a computer and holding an electric guitar. He looks like any introverted kid with frontman fantasies.

Still, the anonymous image is arresting. Bright light shines through a window behind him, surrounding him with a glow; the effect is dreamlike. Funtwo then plays JerryC’s rock embellishment over the classical piece with amazing dexterity, managing to enliven the music and create a lasting work of pop art. As the comments say: "dude teach me how to play," "it is undeniably one of the best solos ive ever see," "u could go up against jimi hendrix." What’s most impressive about the performance is the combination of funtwo’s shyness and his aggressive, guitar-god fingerwork.

Some posters try to suggest that the performance is fake; but someone called fablesoftherest seems to silence most of the skeptics: "I’ll end the guesswork-the kid is for real," adding, "Funtwo’s is the definitive version. This kid is destined to be one of the great guitarists of all time."

Now Playing on YouTube: Web Videos by Everyone – New York Times

Now, here’s the link to the guitar video.  Run time is 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

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2 thoughts on ““Guitar” on YouTube

  1. Tricia

    The video is amazing! You’ve definitely described it to a T. I can only wait eagerly for someone to record young “Funtwo’s” music so that I might have the privilege of buying his CDs. He is indeed destined to be recognized as one of the greatest guitarist to ever grace this earth.


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