Phishing is getting sneakier

Don Oldenburg, a columnist for the Washington Post, has an article this morning about a new wrinkle in the phishing scams that show up way too often in our inbox.  Everyone should read it. 

One way that you can usually tell that an email from PayPal, for instance, isn’t legitimate is that it doesn’t address you by name.  Instead, it will often be addressed to “Dear PayPal User.”  That’s a dead give away.  However, the newest wrinkle is that this one DOES address you by name, and in Don’s case it purports to be a receipt for an Xbox.  Read the details in his article of how he dealt with it and what you should do if you receive one.  There’s no need for me to repeat those guidelines here.

However, in his article he mentions a web site with which I was previously unfamiliar that I want to mention to you.  It is FraudWatch International. That one is probably worth bookmarking and visiting from time to time just to check on the latest way that the Nogoodniks on the Internet are trying to get your identity or your money. When you receive such emails, you can forward them in their entirety to so that they can follow up.  Of course, you should never click on the Hyperlinks within those bogus emails, no matter how legitimate they sound or look.

Staying well-informed is probably the best way to protect yourself against being taken in by one of these scams.


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