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This morning I recorded a video to answer a question from my friend, Forrest Umberger, about how I intersperse comments into replies to his email messages.  I posted this video at YouTube after trying unsuccessfully to post it at Google Video.  I’m not sure what the problem was with Google Video unless perhaps it was longer than they permit.  I’ll have to go back and explore their rules to see if they limit the size.  This video was 12.2 MB in length and about 3 minutes long, so I would think that it should fit their requirements, but who knows?

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2 thoughts on “New video posted

  1. Mike

    Hehe, a nice video on a hot subject =p

    I don’t dig top posting. When we hit newsgroups with pine in 1994 it made sense. Now I wouldn’t bother with a newsreader that doesn’t thread the messages; and if they are threaded they are in order. In many readers if you bottom post I have to scroll though the view pane (past the stuff I just read in the prior post). I agree with inline posting when the author left only the stub of what is important.

    Email is different from newsgroups. It is a conversation, and in replies I have already read my own words and do not need to read them again. Again, I have threaded clients. Last, it doesn’t even make since in a forward (bottom post “I thought you would like this”).
    The net isn’t very bottom post friendly to email, either. Services like to place a footer in, as well as company email servers and virus scanners.

    It really doesn’t matter though, in the end no one is going to change where they post and (most of us) aren’t going to stop emailing each other based on post preferences… it would make an interesting update to Gulliver’s Travels however.

  2. perry Post author

    Yeah, I realize this isn’t a burning issue, but it was the easiest way to demonstrate the technique for my friend Forrest.

    Doing the video did teach me some things about using SnagIt however. I learned to pause the recording, reposition the area of the screen that was being captured, and thereby make the area displayed appear larger and therefore clearer.

    I would still like to upload a video to Google Videos because their display window is larger than the one at YouTube, even though it is possible to click on the full screen display at YouTube and get a larger image. My impression is that most people overlook that option and think the only possible display is the small one they see initially.

    I don’t anticipate changing anyone else’s email style because of the video, nor do I think it is necessary. But doing these videos helps me learn to do them with increasingly better results, so there is bound to be a few “unimportant” experiments in the process of learning.


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