Meet the Flockers

Daryl has just blogged about a meeting tomorrow at Panera’s restaurant at 205 N. Peters Rd here in Knoxville at 1:00 PM. Anyone interested in learning a bit more about Flock is welcome to join us.

I have to take exception with one comment Daryl made however. He said …

Knoxville’s not exactly a bustling metropolis of the bleeding edge web.

Daryl’s Flock Blog

I think you have to qualify that statement by adding “with respect to Flock.” Maybe that is what he is implying when he refers to the “bleeding edge web.” Granted not many folks here in Knoxville have yet discovered Flock, but we need not disparage the home town and the expertise that resides here. I’ve met some pretty sharp cookies in and around Knoxville as pertains to the web. They’ll come around to discovering Flock eventually, I’m sure.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Flockers

  1. dllh

    Perry, my experience here in Knoxville has generally been that people (even web professionals I encounter) give me funny looks when I mention tagging,, flickr, etc. I think web 2.0 stuff just hasn’t filtered down to most folk in Knoxville yet, and it’s very much on everybody’s minds out in Silicon Valley. Another example: A little over a year ago, a coworker at a local company was taking a class on HTML at an area community college. She had asked me a question, and it became evident when I looked at what she was doing that she was still being taught to use font tags and bgcolors rather than CSS selectors, which have been around and in pretty common use for many years now. So I don’t intend really to disparage Knoxville, but my experience has been that Knoxville’s behind the times generally in web technology. Obviously, there are exceptions like you. 🙂

  2. perry Post author

    I have the advantage perhaps that I have never been educated in any computer related classes. Anything I know, I discovered by exploring the web.

    Perhaps my point of view is colored by having been associated with some people who are pretty hip to most things, though I must admit that all of us have lacunas in our perception of what’s going on around us. Many of those folks know far, far more than I do about things related to gaming for instance, and I’m totally ignorant of that sort of thing.

    In any event, I’m sure that your experience of those you have met is perfectly valid — just different than mine.


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