Video on searching Flock’s Favorites Manager

This morning I spent a bit of time evaluating SnagIt, a capture tool for Windows.

I decided to record a short video (about 1 min and 30 secs) about how to search in Flock’s Favorites Manager. It turned out reasonably well, so I uploaded the video to You can watch that video here. I recorded the audio in real time and don’t find any way to edit what was recorded, so there are a few incorrect references (for instance, referring to the Favorites menu when I meant to call it the Favorites manager), but on the whole I was satisfied with the video because it is short and to the point, and it does illustrate how the search feature can be used.

I would welcome your comments on this first effort. Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Video on searching Flock’s Favorites Manager

  1. Chris Messina

    Hey Perry — that’s awesome! It’s also one of the things that’s been on my plate to do forever, so thanks for stepping up. I’d love to see more of this kind of thing.

    I think it’s the perfeect length and makes a lot of sense, the only thing I wonder about is if it would be at all possible to make the video less blurry?

  2. perry Post author

    As I said, I was just trying to experiment with SnagIt to see how to do this kind of thing. I’m sure it could be done better. When I look at it in Windows Media Player locally, it is clearer, but in the small version on YouTube it is hard to see.

    A friend recommended CamStudio but I haven’t tried that yet. Perhaps I’ll be able to get a better outcome with it.

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