Given that most digital cameras give you the ability to capture video clips, most of us can now create a video and frequently we want to share those videos. Unfortunately, the file size of some of these videos is too large to email easily, particularly if some of the recipients of your intended video don’t have a broadband connection.

Whenever there is a need such as this, someone is usually eager to meet it, and that is just what the service does. This link to one of their videos of a “Call for Help” show explains more about the service.

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  1. Mike

    I’ve been impressed with Google Video, I’ll have to look at YouTube. I’m considering skipping the podcast thing and going straight to video blogging; not of me but of software and examples. Much nicer to have a video of using flock while talking about the shelf than a text or audio only blog describing it. At least I think so… things always sound better in my head.

  2. perry Post author

    I agree that video presentations of software interactions is clearly better than having to write out instructions. One piece of software that I lust after is Camtasia Studio, but it is outrageously expensive. Its little brother, SnagIt does the same thing but doesn’t have all the capabilities. If you follow either of those links, look for the small “play” link and get a demo of each.

    I’m sure Google Video does a nice job too, though I haven’t explored it very much. I’m also sure either would suffice for your intended use. One thing I like about YouTube is that you can embed the player on your web page, though my own efforts to do that haven’t yet been successful. Probably if I were a better HTML coder, I’d know how to make that happen. I’m sure you can make it work, given your level of expertise.

  3. Mike

    Google allow embeding as well… on the surface both seem about equal in features.

    Many years ago I invested in a Sony MiniDV Camcorder, which has an S-Video in, so it’s easy record without any software involed. For software solutions, I’ve used bundled versions of Camtasia, but I think I might check into the open source CamStudio


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