What I’ve been up to

For the last few days I’ve been involved in reviewing and editing the documentation for Flock.  After Lloyd seduced me into joining in the effort to produce/improve the documentation for Flock the other night, I read through the documentation that has been created thus far for the purpose of proofreading it.  While do so, I learned a few things I didn’t know.  For instance, I found out …

  1. The search bar is a powerful little tool to use when looking through your favorites.  It searches not only by name and description, but also by the tags you set up when marking a web page as a favorite.
  2. Click the feed button next to your News Sites collection in the Favorites Manager’s sidebar.  You’ll see an aggregated page.
  3. When you’re done with something like Photo browser, Photo Uploader or Maps, you can make your favorites re-appear in the topbar by clicking the tiny arrow icon on the right end of the topbar.  (The arrow is so tiny, I didn’t know it was an arrow.  I had assumed it was an X to close the window.)
  4. To see a list of your blog posts and drafts, open the Topbar menu and choose My Blogs.  (I knew you could create a new blog post using the Blog editor, but I had never explored the My Blogs tool.)

This morning I made my first significant contribution to the documentation when I created the Quick maps page for it.  This was my first extensive foray into Wiki editing, and while I was a bit nervous about doing it, I found it to be not all that difficult.  The great thing about wikis is that it’s easy for someone to come along behind you and clean up any messes you make or to correct any misunderstandings you may have introduced by your edits.  Since I’m not a developer/coder, I’m pleased that editing the documentation gives me a way to contribute to a project I believe in.

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