The blog editor

Tales of my test drive. 

I am writing this post in the blog editor that is integrated within the browser, one of the main reasons for Flock’s existing as a browser.  The interface is clean with my categories listed in a column on the right of my screen, and when I clicked on the "My Blogs" option, the blogging window opened in a new tab in the browser. I like that.  There is a square little box in the blogging topbar that says "Drag stuff to blog it" so I’ll experiment with that in a moment. Two buttons at the bottom give me the option to "save" or "post."  For the moment, I’ll choose "save" to capture this much and once I’ve completed some more experiments, I’ll "post" it.

Okay, so one of the new features is that you can tag blog posts. I’m not yet sure where those tags show up but we’ll see once I’ve posted this on my site. Perhaps they will be in my page, but I don’t know that yet.  I’ll just have to wait and see.  Since I’m the impatient type, I think I’ll post this and see the outcome.

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