Freshly flocked

After spending much of yesterday afternoon playing a frustrating game of “are-we-there-yet?” with Daryl Houston about the arrival of the new version of Flock and waking up this morning only to find that the new version wasn’t where it was supposed to be, I finally logged into the flock irc channel and asked for directions.  (And you all know how hard it is for a man to bring himself to ask for directions.)  The friendly folks there at 5:30 in the morning pointed me to the Flock Wiki news page, where all was revealed. I followed the yellow brick road (aka the link) from there to the page to download the Windows version 0.5.9 and then did as instructed, once I had it installed, and clicked on Help / Check for Updates, and magically 0.5.9 became 0.5.10.  So although we are still not there yet, since “there” is version 0.6.0, we are getting close enough to see it just over the horizon, and I am pleased to report that I am freshly flocked.

I’ll update this entry later in the day to share my impressions after I take it for a spin.  More later.


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