Google desktop

Google desktop, originally uploaded by CaptQuirk.

On Saturday, I installed the Google Desktop Beta 3 to see what it had to offer. What is pictured here is the sidebar. (You can see the full sized version here.) I eliminated several of the panels that are installed by default and added the simple calendar panel that is available as an additional tool. In this paired down version, I think it might be useful. It resides at the right hand edge of my screen and I have enabled the automatic hiding so that it doesn’t appear on the desktop until I move my cursor over to the right edge of the screen.

And no, I didn’t enable the feature to let me access all my files across multiple computers nor any of the advanced features, so I’m not concerned about Google’s having access to my files on their server. I believe it is always best to install such things as this carefully and select only those features that you believe you might use.

I don’t know whether I’ll leave this tool installed or not. But I’ll give it a few weeks to see if I think it is useful and then decide.


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