IE 7 Beta 2 available

The Microsoft team has made the Beta 2 version of IE 7.0 available for download to developers and adventurous users. Even if you aren’t brave enough to try that yet, you might find it interesting to view this video of the team leaders who created the new version of the browser. You’ll find it interspersed with a lot of jargon, such as CSS, RSS, etc., but if you’ll just watch the video, you’ll get a sense of the people who make this product and some of the functionality in the new browser. Watching the Channel 9 videos of such interviews as this is a really good way to become familiar with the technology behind the new developments in the industry, providing you can allow yourself to tolerate the ambiguity of not understanding completely what everyone is saying. This is not a problem, by the way, with the video itself but rather with our level of familiarity with the technological explanations of things. I find them fascinating, as I think you will too.


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