Chastened, I blog again

I’ve just completed a Skype call of about an hour and a quarter with my friend, Juan Gutierrez, in which he observed that my blogging has dropped off of late. Like many of you, he checks my blog periodically to see whether 1) I’ve written anything and 2) whether what I have written is of any interest to him.

I confess that periodically I get a “blogging block” where I either can’t think of anything to write or just don’t have the motivation to do so. And when that mood strikes me, I just drop out for a while. But I guess such stumbling blocks impede the progress of everyone from time to time.  So if you see me in one of those phases, just know that after a while I’ll be back and while you are waiting, go read one of the other 8 billion or so web pages that are out there just longing for readers.  Eventually, like a bad penny, I will return, because I’ve been doing this for too long to stop entirely.


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