A podcast about Flock

Daryl Houston, a fellow Knoxvillian and a Flock community shepherd, has done his first podcast about the new social browser Flock.

I have been using Flock since around the end of October last year and have found it to be quite innovative, despite the fact that the version I am using is a “pre-alpha” version. That means that all the rough edges haven’t yet been smoothed out, but Daryl indicates that a new version will be coming out around the first of February. Designed primarily to make two-way communication with the Web easier, this browser makes it easy for a blogger to locate information on the Web that he wants to quote and add it in to a blog post, using a thing called the shelf that Daryl discusses in his podcast. There are lots of other neat features that you can learn about either from the podcast or from the link to the Flock homepage above.


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