Celebrating with Carole

On Sunday, January 15, I drove to Carole’s home in Lula, GA, to surprise her and help celebrate her birthday. It’s the first time I’ve been down to Georgia in many months, and I did catch her by surprise. We went out in search of a Greek dinner on Tuesday night but when we got to the restaurant, we found it closed because it is only open for dinner from Thursday through Sunday. So despite the fact that we had gotten all geared up for a Greek dinner, we went to a restaurant down the street called Seabones and had a very nice seafood dinner there. I came back home yesterday. While I was in Georgia I didn’t have access to the Internet, so if I missed contacting you, my apologies.

As many of you know, Carole has completed her initial treatments for breast cancer (chemo and radiation) and is now on a maintenance drug. She seems to be doing well and will continue to be closely monitored by her doctors.


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