PC World’s Top 100

PC World, in a July 2005 article, lists the top 100 products of 2005. Their product of the year is Firefox.

Among the products that I use, Gmail ranks as #2 on their list. Skype is #8. Thunderbird, the Mozilla email program but not a product that I use, ranks #28. Flickr ranks as #51.

Although such lists can reflect the personal preferences of the authors and hence your evaluation may differ from theirs, reading this kind of list is an excellent way of becoming familiar with what else may be “out there” and if you are the adventuresome type, you may find some tools you weren’t previously familiar with. I find such lists worth considering, and I enjoy following the links both to the reviews and to the products’ websites.

One noteworthy quote from their introduction to this list is this comment:

And 23 of our 100 winners have the best price of all: They’re free.


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