Tired of IVR?

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response systems, are those annoying “machines” you get when you call a company. Most of the time you must wait for all the options to be explained to you, trying all the while to decipher which option gets you to the service you want, before you can speak to a representative of the organization. Many of us, myself included, find them just another bane of modern life. One enterprising gentleman, Paul English, has created an IVR Cheat Sheet that gives you the codes to enter into your phone that will immediately send you to a human being. This is, in my opinion, a valuable resource worth bookmarking for future use.


3 thoughts on “Tired of IVR?

  1. Mary Danika

    I tried 4 or 5 of English’s tricks, and they didn’t work. Frankly, he seems to be willing to appear in every imaginable media opportunity to pimp his website, yet he can’t even keep his list updated. It’s just another marketing ploy, and it is annoying me.


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