An update on Private Post

After some experimentation, Paul and I have been able to exchange encrypted messages using Private Post that I mentioned earlier this morning. While installing it here on my computer, I read the EULA and discovered in it that the software is a 60-day trial version and that after that time there is a license fee for the Pro version but that there is a Lite version that will remain free. Interestingly, I didn’t see that anywhere on their website. Because of that I tried to send an email to their support group and got the message from my mail program that the message was not sent because the “destination was not valid in DNS.” That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, I must say. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Bruce Schneier has to say about it, once he has had a chance to review it. When I see that response, I’ll note it here.

A further update: I was mistaken that my email to the support group did not go out. In fact it did, and I have just received a reply from Philippa Beadle that said, “With regard to pricing you are correct in that there is nothing currently on our website. I can tell you that the price will be 34.99 Euro. Our website is being redesigned to add some more substance and the pricing will appear there in the near future.”

He (or she, I’m not sure which) also added, “You will still be able to use Private Post to send and receive encrypted email when the 60 days is up though some of the options will be ‘greyed out.'”


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