They shoulda went (sic) to school!

Few things grate on my nerves more than grammatical errors as glaring as the one in the title to this post of mine. When I see them flowing from the pens of professional writers or hear TV news anchors or sports announcers blurting them out, I am even more appalled because those folks wield so much influence on the national idiom and, to my consternation, on my grandchildren’s language skills.

This morning I saw this headline in a story on Yahoo News under the byline of one Jay Lindsay, an Associated Press writer, and I cringed. There’s no email address for Mr. Lindsay, nor for the AP. No complaint department to which I can address my indignation. So I’m left with ranting here on my blog about these egregious maulings of the English language.

If you are asking yourself “What is he talking about?,” let me point out that my headline should have read, “They should have gone to school!” and Mr. Lindsay’s headline should have read, “Scientists: Titanic May Have Sunk Faster.” Not only does nobody read, nobody conjugates any more. I go (today), I went (yesterday), I have gone (many times before).

Explore some of the links in this Google search or use this tool. Please!


One thought on “They shoulda went (sic) to school!

  1. gwen.kegley

    I read this to my mom. And she smiled and said you where right. And you “voice” it very well.
    Gwen, Mom and Alan


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