A new look

As is immediately obvious, I suppose, I’ve changed the template for my blog to a new theme, called Regulus 1 by Ben Gillbanks, that was recently made available to those of us who are using WordPress.com as our hosting site. I like many things about it and have a vew few concerns, not with the template itself, but with the fact that WordPress.com limits the edits that a blogger can make to the site.

The solution to those concerns is clear to me, and that is to register a domain name and pay for hosting my blog somewhere, but despite the fact that I’ve been blogging now for almost 4 years, I continue to think of it as an experiment and as perhaps temporary. That mind set coupled with inertia have so far prevented my implementing the obvious solution to the issues I have with the limitations imposed by free blogging services like WordPress.com and previously by Blogger.

In any event, I wanted to note the change of template, so you’d understand that I am experimenting and not be confused by the new look. I hope to do a catch up post later this morning to cover the events and discoveries of this past week or so.


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