An update on Carole’s condition

I have just gotten off the phone with Carole, my ex-wife, who just yesterday completed the last of her 33 radiation treatments for breast cancer. She had the radiation after completing chemotherapy, so all of the immediate treatments related to the cancer that was discovered and removed surgically from her left breast have now been completed.

She is doing well and will now embark on a 5-year course of treatment with an experimental drug to prevent a recurrence. Since she is participating in an experimental treatment program, she won’t know whether she is receiving the experimental drug or Tamoxifen, but she does know that she will not be receiving a placebo.

I would like to thank all of you who have expressed your concern and interest in her progress both for your interest and for your prayers, as I’m sure she would too. She has an appointment this coming Monday with her oncologist to assess her progress at the 60-day point after having completed chemotherapy. She will, of course, maintain contact and regular checkups with her physicians to monitor her progress and her health.

I am certainly thankful that she has tolerated the treatments as well as she has and that she is beyond what I hope will be the worst part of this experience.


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