MixCastLive price is lowered

Almost a year ago now, I began beta testing MixCastLive, an excellent program for creating podcasts that was finally released in July of this year. This morning I note that its author, James Prudente, has now lowered the price of the program to a remarkably affordable $12.00. If you have any interest in ever doing a podcast, I’d recommend that you get a copy and begin playing with it.

You could even use it for creating audio content, such as my audio welcome message in the “About Me” section of this blog, or audio messages to your family and friends. The resulting MP3 file is, as are all MP3 files, about one tenth the size of the corresponding WAV file. In fact, James and I have often discussed that MixCastLive can be used for creating audio conversations where excerpts from one file can be incorporated into subsequent files that comprise an ongoing conversation. At this price, this is a tool virtually anyone should have in his or her arsenal of tools whether or not you ever plan to do a podcast.

You should know that it does require that you have .NET installed on your Windows system (and is therefore not available for the MAC). Fortunately, .Net can be downloaded for free.


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