Fall Color in Knoxville

Fall Color 11-08-05 001, originally uploaded by Dr Reelgood.

Mike got this picture just in time, because today the winds have picked up and the leaves on many of the trees around here are being blown off and onto the ground. The temperature in Knoxville today is supposed to reach 80 degrees. It’s a stange November day here.


2 thoughts on “Fall Color in Knoxville

  1. something

    Beautiful picture…absolutely amazing colors here in Knoxville. I was actually just off of Lovell rd. the other day trying to take some similar pictures…not too much luck as it was pretty dreary Sunday. BTW, this is the only other blog I’ve seen on WordPress from someone in Knoxville. Keep on posting and I’ll keep on reading.

    Oh, and not only is it supposed to hit about 82 here today but it’s supposed to drop down to thirty something tomorrow night…that’s Knoxville for ya!

  2. perry Post author

    Thanks “Something.” I appreciate your visiting and leaving a comment. I was able to check out your blog at http://something.wordpress.com, so you might as well get a link out of your visit. I’ll look in from time to time on your posts too.

    RE: the weather here in Knoxville. That’s the kind of temperature swing that causes colds and other uncomfortable things, isn’t it?

    Be well,


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