Frapper, a new Rising Concepts service in beta

Rising Concepts has made another tool, called Frapper, available for experimentation by the public. It provides the ability to visualize the location of people that belong to a community. Two of the communities to which I belong have already created such a map, and I have added myself to both of them. Both are in their early phases so the number of people who have added their location to the map is small right now, but both are growing quickly. One of the communities is made up of the people who use The Bat!, an email program, and the other is comprised of people who are experimenting with a new browser called Flock.

Update: Thanks to bd for straightening me out that this service is made available by Rising Concepts, not Google as I posted earlier. I guess I got caught up in the familiarity of the map and just “assumed” it was a Google service. It illustrates once again that “none of us is as smart as all of us.”


8 thoughts on “Frapper, a new Rising Concepts service in beta

  1. perry Post author

    Hi, Daryl. I’m delighted to find out that one of the shepherds who is “keeping watch over the flock by night” is in my backyard. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your note.

  2. Colm Smyth

    Hi Perry,

    When I clicked or hit enter or clicked Submit in the comments entry field on your recent podcast entry, I kept being offered the chance to download your mp3 file; it might be a Firefox thing, that’s the browser I prefer. Maybe it’s a WordPress issue, maybe it’s your template – no big deal, but it might stop you getting some comments.

    More importantly, I was wow-ed by the professionalism of your interview podcast, and you have a great speaking voice. It really made me wondier if have you worked in radio? Also, you had a great way to deliver brief queries and re-directs, you clearly prep-ed well your guest, and the interview itself was an interesting retrospective of a diverse career.

    Actually yours is the first real podcast I’ve listened to, although at Sun we had a thing called WSUN Radio which was also mp3 segments delivered in an interview format; yours was at least as professional as that.

    I hope you keep podcasting, you’re a natural!

    All the best,

  3. perry Post author

    Thanks for the feedback on the podcast post Colm. There was nothing wrong with your copy of Firefox or the WordPress template. It turns out that I had some excess HTML code in there that was causing it. Once I deleted that and saved the file and then refreshed the page in my copy of Firefox, it no longer tried to download the M3U file that streams the podcast.

    Also thanks for your kind remarks about my Podcast with Juan. Fortunately, he’s quite a professional, so his professionalism helped make the podcast go smoothly.

    In answer to your question about whether I’ve ever worked in radio, the answer is no, though I have done quite a bit of public speaking in my day, so I get that question often. Did you get a kick out of the U. S. Southern accent? 😉 I’m sure I’d enjoy hearing you do a podcast so I could appreciate your Irish accent too. I’ll be looking for it to turn up on your blog soon.

    Be well,


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