Sayonara Blogger. Hello, WordPress

I’ve been blogging here on Blogger for the past 3 and a half years. Now it’s time to move on.

Why? Simply because I need more tools than Blogger provides.

Xeni Jardin, in an article on Wired News from October 27, 2005 comments that “When you invite the whole world to your party, inevitably someone pees in the beer.” And to a degree that is what has happened here at this blog.

One unwelcome reader has insisted on posting comments that disparage and attack another reader often enough that I had to turn off anonymous posting, which in my opinion has diminished what I hoped to achieve with this blog. It restricted the comments on my posts to those who had Blogger accounts, and even though there are a lot of people who have Blogger accounts, many of my readers don’t. And they aren’t willing to create a Blogger account just to post a comment. I don’t blame them.

What I needed was a blogging tool that permitted me to “moderate” comments before they become visible on the blog, so I went in search of a tool that gave me that ability. Blogger doesn’t.

I found WordPress. And now I have moved my blogging to a new location. If you are a loyal reader, then please update your bookmarks to that location. I don’t intend to delete this blog, because I may wish to refer back to it in the future, but this will be my last post here.

In the event that the folks at Blogger want some comments in a kind of exit interview, then I’d be happy to tell them that, for the most part, I have enjoyed the experience of using Blogger. It gave me the ability to get into blogging easily and to learn how to do it. I obviously enjoyed the exercise since I’ve been here for as long as I have. But, since moderation isn’t possible here, it is no longer acceptable to me to use this service. Also since the public API for blogger makes it so easy for splogs to abound and since the reputation of Blogger has suffered so much from that, I’d just prefer to have my blog on a different, more respected service. And yes, I implemented the captcha test to prevent the splogging of my blog, but still I can’t moderate comments of insensitive and cruel humans, who can circumvent the captcha system, and that is something I feel is necessary.

Thanks to those of you who have visited me here. You are welcome to migrate with me to the new location, if you wish, and if not, I appreciate your having been a part of the experience with me here.

So it’s now, Sayonara Blogger. Hello, WordPress.


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