No, that spelling of the title of this post is NOT a typo. Mememorandum is a what’s-hot-on-the-web-today type site that I visited several months ago when I first heard about it and dismissed because it was about politics, and while I’m privately politically active, I am not into the daily shouting matches about this or that hair-pulling in Washington.

This morning while scanning the blogosphere I came across a reference on Weblog Tools Collection to a Wired News article, Cliff Notes From the Blog World by Ryan Singel from October 21, 2005, in which he announced that Memeorandum now had an aggregation of TECH memes, not just political ones. This development thrills me. Now there’s a place to visit every day to find what everyone else in the tech world is talking about.

I suppose I should explain the obvious, that Mememorandum combines the words “meme” and “memorandum.” So this site collects the ideas that are spreading wildly and presents them in a relatively concise form with links to multiple instances of the idea so that you can explore it more completely, if you choose. Though having a mememorandum about political ideas didn’t enthrall me, having one about tech ideas DOES!

Check it out.

One thought on “Mememorandum

  1. perry Post author

    This is just an initial comment to “seed” the idea that it is okay to comment on the posts I make here. When you do, you’ll have to leave your name and an email address. But never fear, your email address will never be shared. Rather it is a way for me to keep track of people who comment and to “moderate” those comments, which is another way of saying “approve” them. Fortunately, you can check “remember me” and you’ll only have to do it once.

    I’m not opposed to differing comments, those that disagree with me. What I am unwilling to tolerate is comments that attack and abuse other users. I won’t disapprove comments because of language, disagreement, or even hostility to me personally, but I remain the sole judge of what gets through. After all, it’s MY site, so I get to make those decisions. I hope you’ll take me up on the offer and make your comments to any post I make here. If I post something that I don’t want any comments about, I can turn them off for each post, so you’ll know.

    So comment away, and let’s engage in dialog.


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