David Steele’s new blog

David Steele, a long-time friend and former client (from my consulting days), has decided to take the plunge and start a blog. He’s at the very beginning of his efforts, but I like the name he has conceived of for himself — the “heartland storyteller.” Here’s the link to his blog, spelled out in case you want to make note of it, http://heartlandstoryteller.blogspot.com/.

Good luck, Dave. I’m looking forward to your first post and all the ones that follow. Have fun.


2 thoughts on “David Steele’s new blog

  1. Colm Smyth

    Hi Perry,I’ve recently re-started blogging. Before I worked for a technology company (Sun) that had a corporate blog site, so I got used to having a lot of hits and a fair few comments. Now that I’m using blogspot, it seems that all the comments I receive are spam. But I’m still optimistic of finding a few readers!But because I’ve had the chance to experience the lack of any real response to my blog, I’ve made a pact with myself – I will read and leave comments on two new blogs for every time I post.So I just wanted to say that at least someone out here read several posts on your blog! I really like your writing style, I enjoyed the selection of literay quotes, especially the one about immortality which seems particularly evasive if one hopes to leave a legacy through blogging ;). And I loved that photo of the Alaskan sky.Thanks also for your pointer to CEOExpress; it’s a nice compact site and has more than a few links I haven’t seen before.My blog is over at http://colmsmyth.blogspot.com if you feel like dropping over for a read and/or a chat.All the best,Colm.

  2. Perry

    Thanks for your kind words, Colm.I did visit your blog, and since you’ve only recently started blogging again, I went back and read your entire series of posts. Tomorrow, I plan to visit your blog and post a comment there, to return the favor. In fact, from what I’ve read so far, I think I’d enjoy visiting your site with some regularity.I think your idea of your pact with yourself to post two comments for each post you make is an admirable one. You may even inspire me to adopt such a strategy myself.More later on your blog. Again, thanks for the visit and the comment.Perry


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