Link Sharing at CEOExpress

Last night I received an email from Patricia Pomerleau who is the CEO of CEOExpress, my home page on the web. For a long time this site has permitted us users to create a page of links that we, and we only, can see so that we don’t have to be at our own computer to access frequently used web sites from the list of bookmarks (or favorites) that are stored in our browsers. Just logging into our home page displays these so-called personal links, and I have found this feature to be quite useful through the years. Patricia’s email was sent to announce they are now providing the ability to share these personal links selectively with others.

I spent the morning setting this up so that I could share links with my friends. However, when I sent out the first message inviting a slew of my friends to see the links, I unfortunately sent the wrong link. My thanks to Bowen Baxter for informing me of this. So I sent out a second email, noting the error, but again I sent the wrong link. Finally, I think I got it right with the third version.

This entry is to extend my apology to those of you who received that series of three emails. I didn’t mean to spam you; it just took me three tries to get it right.

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error. — John Kenneth Galbraith


2 thoughts on “Link Sharing at CEOExpress

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Perry,Received your CEO Links page in my email and appreciate the inclusion in your list of friends and interested persons. A quick glance tells me there will be several sites I want to take the time to check out. It’s been awhile since I have sent you a message, even though I have been checking your blog on a semi-routine basis. Just want to say, rather belatedly,”CONGRATULATIONS” on your decision to retire. I trust you are enjoying it more each day and finding plenty of things to do and stimulate you besides work. Also good to hear you are staying “on track” with your exercise routine. Oh, how I wish I had the personal disciplan to do that! I also enjoyed your Podcast with Juan G. and hearing of his recent decision to retire, as well as his future plans. That was very refreshing. I look forward to your future Podcasts, as I know they will be of interest. Lastly, your updated picture on your Blog is certianly a distinguished look! Just right for your diverse and informative Blog. It put a smile on this old friend’s face!Warm regards,Darrell


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