Found by an old friend

When you write on the Internet, you expect that some people, usually only a few, will read what you write. Some may even be so loyal to your postings that they’ll come back time and again. However, one of the surprises for me is that occasionally someone I don’t even know will leave a comment or write to say they found a post of mine interesting, and equally surprising (though it shouldn’t be) is that sometimes an old friend will “find” you.

Last night I was pleased to receive an email from Robert McMillan with whom I worked at ClientLogic. Robert had found my blog while googling randomly. He pointed me to his own blog, which is located here. He confessed to having allowed a bit of time to pass since his last entry at his blog, and I had to acknowledge that it had been a while since I had posted an entry at mine. His message gave me something to comment on, so I appreciate the nudge that got me back into posting. Thanks, Robert.


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