Seventy Two Days

What began as a nothing-better-to-do fill-in during my cable outage back in July has now continued for seventy two consecutive days without interruption. I’ve just come back from my morning walk around the neighborhood. I’m surprised that I haven’t encountered heavy rains or some other weather phenomenon that would interfere with my walk, but I haven’t. Perhaps it’s because of the time of the year when this bit of exercise has occurred. The autumn and winter will be more of a weather challenge, I’m sure.

Although I’ve continued to exercise, I’ll allowed my blogging to fall off during the last couple of weeks. In part that is accidental and in part it is intentional. I have some things brewing that I don’t want to talk about until they are complete. Talking about what has already happened is always a safer strategy than talking about what is going to happen. When I have more to report, you’ll hear it first right here. Stay tuned.


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