Flaky Internet Connection

Since Thursday, the 1st, my connection to the Internet (Comcast) has been erratic. It appears that activities that don’t place too much demand on the connection usually work, but if I call upon the service to do something that places a sustained load on the system, then the connection drops for a minute or two and then reconnects after “getting its breath.” Therefore I’ve been unable to upload the podcast that Juan Gutierrez and I did on Thursday, though I’ve tried at least 10 times to do so, and I can’t sustain a conversation with Skype because of the connection dropping. Even surfing to different web sites causes the connection to drop. Since I have my email program set to check for new mail every 10 minutes and since it only checks 3 accounts, that doesn’t seem to cause the connection to drop but anything that requires sustained use does. In fact, I’m not sure this post will be successfully sent to Blogger, but I’ll soon find out.


One thought on “Flaky Internet Connection

  1. Anonymous

    Perry…..now we know “the rest of the story” on why we were having difficulty using your internet connection on Friday. Glad it is now working. When I get back to Tampa, I will definitely listen to our Podcast.GO VOLS…. I wrote in upper case so maybe they will see this as a command, rather than a request.:-) JUAN Gutierrez


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