The first day of the rest of my life …

Over the weekend, I initiated my retirement, so once again I can say “Thank God. It’s Monday!,” but this time for a different reason. This is the first day of the week that begins “the rest of my life.”

Why now, some of you may ask.

My answer would be, “The time has come, and I am ready.” My dad retired when he was 62, and unfortunately in 1978 at 67 he died. Although his health and habits were different than mine, the fact that he survived for only 5 years after his retirement has always had an impact on my thinking. In November of this year I turn 64, so if I should only live as long as my dad did, that would mean I had only about 3 more years to enjoy and achieve the things I want in my life. That’s a sobering thought.

This morning, the first day of the rest of my life, I got up a bit after 5 AM and began my daily exercise, walking around my neighborhood, before the rains come. Thundershowers are expected throughout the day, so I wanted to make sure that I got in my exercise before they came. So far, I haven’t missed a day since I began my exercise back on July 13th.

I’m out this morning to visit the local representatives of the Social Security Administration, and I look forward to seeing how complicated the process of getting my Social Security check is. That’ll give me something to talk about here at my blog, and maybe my experience will prove beneficial to someone else. Also this morning I need to visit the local retail store for U. S. Cellular to initiate my cellphone plan. Fortunately, I at least know what plan I want because of my experience working as a customer service representative with them.

Life will be different, I’m sure, being retired. Friends who have retired have said to me that they can hardly believe how busy they are, now that they’ve retired, and I can believe it. I am hopeful that my own experience will provide me the time to do a few of the things I want to do without becoming overwhelmed by a “to do” list that only stresses me. I intend to enjoy my retirement, and that’s the only objective I am willing to accept as a “gotta do.”


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