Getting faster

A couple of days ago, I received a notice on my Comcast digital set-top box that there was a message waiting. This isn’t too unusual since this is the means that Comcast uses to promote some of its programming and to announce changes in channel lineups. However, this notification was certainly welcomed news.

Comcast has increased the download speed of its Internet access to 6 Mbps, which is up from 4 Mbps. This increase means that web pages load faster and downloads are completed faster. And in case you haven’t yet noticed it, speed is addictive. Once you’ve had a chance to use the Internet with a broadband connection, it is oh so difficult to go back to a slower connection as I routinely discover when I visit my son’s home where they must use a dial up connection because they don’t have access to broadband.

I’m pleased. Thank you Comcast.


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