How newspapers are changing

The venerable newspaper is changing.

As we have all gotten more connected and become accustomed to being able to talk back to each other over the Internet and as newspapers have tended to lose circulation because more and more people turn to online sources for news, the newspapers themselves have begun to change. This link leads to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website listing all the RSS feeds that it now provides. With the aid of a news aggregator, you can have news delivered to your desktop each day. (Think of it as the virtual version of a paper boy.)

I’m pleased that the AJC recently (on August 16th) made its sports blogs free to the public instead of hiding them being a paid-content wall, because that decision permits me to subscribe to those that contain discussions about the fortunes of the Atlanta Braves, like this entry about Jeff Francoeur for instance.

More and more, I suspect we’ll see an increasing number of information sources of all kinds making their content accessible in this way so that we can get and react to the information easily. This kind of change will make other things change too, it always does, but on the whole I think it is a positive move that will benefit society.


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