A fortnight of exercise

I now have 14 days in a row of morning walks through the Colonies.

As I passed one of my neighbors this morning, she chided me that it was too late to be walking. (It was about 9:35 AM.) She said she had walked at about 7:00 AM, and it was “almost unbearable then.” As I told her, I’d prefer to walk at 7:00 AM too, but I have trouble being up at that hour.

Today, I added a new section to the morning walk making it a longer walk and also guaranteeing that get in about 40 minutes of exercise on each of my walks.

Also on this walk, I recalled an old rhyme that I used to repeat to myself when I was attempting to run this course. It went like this:

The hills are easy
The hills are fun
The hills are the reason
You came out to run.

My buddy Winston Baird used to feign irritation with me about such a Pollyanna philosophy, but despite his derision, I still believe such thinking helps to overcome the hills you encounter in your experience, whether it is when exercising or just when dealing with the difficulties you encounter in any endeavor.


2 thoughts on “A fortnight of exercise

  1. Perry

    Nice suggestion except for the fact that I work second shift five days of the week, so walking in the evenings isn’t an option.


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