An even dozen

Despite the sweltering heat, I completed the 12th consecutive day of a morning walk through my neighborhood. On these hot days, it would be far wiser to get up early and begin the walk before the sun beats down so much, but for some reason I’m not waking up until 8 AM or later, so the walks leave me pretty much drained. But in a positive way.

Today at the conclusion of my walk, I stopped by the house and picked up my camera and made a part of the walk again. I walked down to a valley that is a part of my usual route and took some pictures of the Kudzu that has overgrown that valley and most of the trees there. For those of you who read this blog from other parts of the country (or world, I suppose), you might find these four pictures interesting and perhaps shocking. As I say at my Flickr site where I’ve posted them, such scenes are quite commonplace here in the South.


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