Perry’s Podcast #1

I’ve just recorded and uploaded the first of Perry’s Podcasts. Although I’ve done a few before now, they were all experimental for the purpose of testing the software. With this podcast, I begin those that are essentially my conversation with the world.

Click here to listen to it. That will download a small file to your computer that will then stream the podcast to your installed media player. If you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to my feed by clicking here.

If you’d like to provide feedback, you may send an email to In addition, I would encourage you to send an audio response, if you have the ability to record an MP3 file to that same address.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this first effort.


3 thoughts on “Perry’s Podcast #1

  1. Tom

    Great podcast, Perry! I have heard some of your previous recordings, when I found them as I was browsing through They were “all” great. I’m subscribed, and already told a friend…Tom

  2. Anthony Morris

    Hi Perry,Had to wait until I returned home to rainy Bavaria from sunny Italy before listening to your very nice Podcast #1. The Italian GPRS via Mobile connection was about 300baud and reminded me more of Telex than a real time email retrieval.If you want to also interview some zombies I can send you a list with contact addresses. (The way I feel at the moment, I qualify too).Best vishes from ze mountains.Anthony


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