Still drumming my fingers …

When I went to bed last night, that song from the musical “Annie” kept running through my head, with slightly altered lyrics. I was hearing, “Oh, the ‘net’ll come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be mail.” But …

You guessed it! When I called Comcast this morning to confirm that they had an appointment for me, the agent with whom I spoke informed me there was no appointment in the system for me, and what’s more, the earliest they could get someone out would be on Tuesday. She made a perfunctory apology and said she’d give me a credit for the time I was out (as if she were doing me a big favor by doing that), and I politely thanked her for that but told her that I certainly expected at least that much. When I asked what time the appointment was on Tuesday, she said it was an “all day” appointment “so they can get out there at the earliest time possible.” The translation of that positive statement is that “I’ve put it on the schedule and they’ll work you in as soon as they can.

I’ve survived this long, and I’m sure I’ll survive until tomorrow or later if that is required, but this experience does underscore for me how much a part of my life is my connection to the world through the Internet.

On a more positive note, once again this morning I did my morning walk through the neighborhood, making this my sixth day in a row of that routine.


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