Another day without …

I’m into day 3 without access to the Internet. The walls at my house have fingernail marks on them, but I’m surviving with the occasional fix I get by visiting Mike’s house and using his laptop and Internet connection to “get by” until the repairman comes out on Monday. Thanks to Darrell’s comment (to my previous post), I’ve been alerted to make sure I request a credit from Comcast for the time I’ve been without service.

On the positive side of the news, I walked again this morning for about 40 minutes. Today I walked down to the entrance to the Colonies. That added a significant challenge because the entrance contains a steep hill, which doesn’t see so steep in a car but when you are walking you realize how steep it is. I could feel the lactic acid build up in the muscles of my legs and the “good” burning that comes from extending yourself physically. I’m pleased that I’ve kept this up for these past several days, and I look forward to its becoming a regular part of my morning routine. Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt.


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