Status Quo

My Internet connection is still down and my exercise program is still on track, despite having had to walk in the rain this morning. I’ve now been walking for four days in a row for about 30 to 40 minutes each day. It helps, in a way, that I don’t have the Internet to capture my attention when I first get up, because that leaves me free to go for the walk. Comcast tells me that they will be out on Monday to get me re-connected, and if they are successful, I will have been without access to either television or Internet service for four days. It seems more like 4 years!


2 thoughts on “Status Quo

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats for getting by so long and so well Perry without access to the Internet Perry. ha You are in the customer service business, so you may already know. I too have Comcast as my Internet provider and there have been two ocassions that I have been without service for several days at a time. Don’t forget to ask them for a credit for the days you have been without service. Their policy is, “if you don’t ask for the credit, then we won’t offer the credit”. I know this from personal experience. The first time I didin’t ask, I assumed they knew and they would credit my monthly bill for the appropriate per day fee. Not so! So the second time I ask for credit and received it. By not offering, they enjoy a greater revenue than they deserve. Remember their pockets are much deeper.Congrats too on the more important issue of exercise. Keep it up. You have a great area to walk in and an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as well. Bunnies and all.Darrell

  2. Perry

    Thanks for the tip, Darrell. I’ve already planned to request a credit. I pay these folks over $125 per month for all the services I have, so I think they owe me, particularly because it feels so much like withdrawal from some addictive kind of drug! My friend, Paul Moor, has a tagline that says something like, “Isn’t it interesting that both drug addicts and computer enthusiasts are called ‘users’?”Perry


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