A good start to the day

This morning I walked from 6:11 AM until 6:42 AM at a brisk pace around the neighborhood. It was a pleasant experience. To gauge the pace, I counted my steps for a minute and found it to be 115 steps per minute. I didn’t take my pulse at the conclusion of the walk, but I could tell that I had gotten my heart rate up and my lungs were given a good workout. I don’t have any idea how many days I can keep it up, but I have a string of one day in a row going, so maybe I can add to it. It’s just about putting one foot in front of the other. One step at a time; one day at a time.

The thought occurred to me that as I walk the neighborhood, I should take the camera with me one morning so that I can publish the pictures on Flickr. Perhaps tomorrow morning.

Oh, I wore my SanDisk 1 GB MP3 player and FM radio as I walked. It gave me a sense of getting something done as I walked. I listened to NPR’s Morning Edition, a very entertaining, in-depth daily news show.

Today is the day that Discovery is scheduled (around 3 pm this afternoon) to make the first shuttle flight since Columbia broke up over Texas in February of 2003.


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