The latest Blogger Buzz “fix”

I’m sure you are as frustrated with the formatting problems I’m having as I am … well, maybe not as frustrated, but at least frustrated nonetheless.

The Blogger support team has published this fix for the issue over at Blogger Buzz, and I have implemented it only to learn that it doesn’t fix the previous posts. In part this post is designed to test whether the so-called fix resolves the issues for new posts. As is my customary style, this entry is sufficiently wordy to cause it to flow far enough to the right that if it is going to flow under the right sidebar it will be obvious, and that would signify to me the “fix” isn’t working. We’ll see after I post this. I’ll withhold congratulations to the Blogger team until I see the results and experience any other unintended consequences of the cure. I just hope the cure isn’t worse then the disease.

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