Day three, and still no Blogger support response

To my consternation, I still haven’t heard any response to my plea for help from Blogger support, aside from their automated acknowledgement of having received it. This post will reveal, no doubt, that the problem still persists.

Meanwhile on other fronts, I have recorded a 10-minute podcast response to James’ efforts while attending Gnomedex over this past weekend. You can listen to it, if you wish, by clicking this link, and in this link, you can hear James’ response. These podcasts are part of a series of podcasts in which those of us who are using MixCast Live and are participating in an audio discussion about the product/service and our use of it. To listen to any individual podcast in that series, just click on the M3U button beside the podcast you want to hear. It will download a small playlist that will start up your MP3 player, probably Windows Media Player, to stream the podcast to your system.

As James indicated toward the end of his comment in response to my podcast, I really need to produce a more general podcast for you, my loyal readers of this blog. Look for that real soon now, perhaps in the next couple of days. And thanks for continuing to tune into this blog, despite its currently unsightly appearance.


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